New Study Reveals the BEST way to Cut Belly Fat

Find yourself turning sideways in the mirror and thinking “why?” recently?

Hey, us too – those Christmas mince pies needed to go somewhere, and it so happens that somewhere is located on our abdomen, directly below the navel.

If belly fat is your own personal battleground, you’re in luck – Harvard University researchers have revealed a surprising new way to tame the pooch: weight training.

"Engaging in resistance training or, ideally, combining it with aerobic exercise, could help older adults lessen abdominal fat while increasing or preserving muscle mass," said lead author Rania Mekary, PhD.

The study, published in medical journal Obesity, claims that hitting the training floor during your regular cardio routine can significantly stave off belly fat. But what’s the theory behind it? Well, working with weights builds muscles and decreases fat levels across the entire body, while also kicking your metabolism into gear – an ideal one-two scenario for killing that unwanted bulge. Sign us up!

Don’t worry, getting ripped doesn’t have to mean pumping your arms to Schwarzenegger-style proportions, spitting into buckets or stocking up on protein powders that’d look at home in a giant’s larder. There are plenty of simple resistance routines you can start off with, and this 12-year study touts multiple, compelling benefits to adding a little lift to your workout.

As well as giving you a sleeker silhouette, cutting belly build-up reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Basically, fighting the fat now is likely to give you a healthier few years ahead.

To make their claim, Harvard researchers looked in a previous 12-year study of 10,500 men aged 40 plus. It showed that those who added 20 minutes of weight training to their regular cardio work-out gained less pooch than men who filled the same time doing cardio, outdoor work or resting without hitting the weights section.

And ok, so while data for this study came from middle-aged dudes, we still think its findings are a worthwhile weapon for fighting the good fight against belly bulge. What better way to mix up your regime this January?


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