How to massage your calves?

Massage can only help to relax your tight muscles after exercising, it can also discharge the metabolites faster, avoid swelling and pain, promote leg microcirculation and promote fat burning!

Step 1, Hole the muscles on your calf with both of your hands and knead your calf upwards and downwards. Keep massaging for 3 minutes on both calves.

Step 2, Wring your calf muscles like you do it with a cloth. Vary the massage area from your ankle to the knee. Keep doing this for 3 minutes to both of your legs.

Step 3, Hold your calf with both of your hands with your thumb pressing the bone in the front of your calf. Massage upwards and downwards. Put in more strength into other fingers when you massage as well. 3 minutes for each leg.

Step 4, Put your thumb on the knee and two hands on your thigh muscles and massage on the  knee nest position and your knee.  Keep doing this for 2 minutes and then shift to the other leg.

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