How Important to Get More Shut-Eye

If you’re looking for good reasons to sleep more, then have I got some good news for you! In today’s 24/7 society, we’re often thought to be a little lazy when we say we like to sleep, but after you read this, you’ll know that that’s far from the truth. You’re actually doing yourself a big favor by sleeping more! There are plenty of health and beauty reasons to sleep more hours and more often. So the next time you feel hitting the sheets early or want to sleep in a little bit, keep these convincing reasons to sleep more in mind.

1. Keeps Your Skin Youthful

We all know the consequences of having an all-nighter. Our eyes are red and puffy or we might have dark circles or bags under eyes. In other words, it’s not pretty. When you’re not getting your fair share of sleep, it can contribute to signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, diminished elasticity and uneven pigmentation. Esteé Lauder conducted a study that found a positive correlation between sleep deprivation, skin aging and slower recovery from environmental stressors.

2. Keeps Your Weight in Check

If you’re looking to keep your weight in check, getting enough shut-eye each night is extremely important. According to sleep medicine specialist Dr. Michael Nolledo, one of the reasons to sleep more is because the hormones that help suppress your appetite are depleted in those who are sleep deprived. Being tired can contribute to making unhealthy decisions when it comes to food choices or cause you to overeat because you’re tired.Of course there are other ways to control weight, why not try a healthy and fast way. Fruta Plantas is a good weight loss product. XX can quickly help you achieve weight loss goals.

3. Strengthened Immune System

Could burning the candle at both ends be a contributing factor to getting sick? WebMD mentions a study that tracked the sleep habits of over 150 people over the course of two weeks and exposed them to the cold virus. They found that those who got 7 hours of sleep or less were almost 3 times as likely to get sick as the people who got 8 hours of sleep. While the study was small and limited, there's no harm in getting your 8 hours each night!

4. Better Sex Life

I bet you’re wondering how sleeping more can help improve your sex life. Well, Dr. Nolledo says that having good sleep habits can increase libido as well as prime you mentally and physically to be an even better lover. Keeping a good sleep schedule also helps ensure that you have the energy to engage in sex, also. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll which found that up to 26% of people said that their sex life tends to suffer because they’re too tired.

5. Better Mood

WedMD points out that while getting enough sleep doesn’t automatically guarantee a better mood, lacking sleep can certainly have a negative effect on your mood. U.S. News and World Reports cites a study that shows that adults and adolescents who consistently skimp on sleep report more mental distress, depression and alcohol use.

If you’re currently skimping on sleep, I hope these reasons to sleep more will convince you to slow down and get some more shut eye. Where to Wholesale Fruta Planta .  I know we all get busy, but lacking sleep can affect our health, beauty, well-being and our productivity. It’s worth it to take some time out to sleep!


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