Wrong acts in detox

Eating apples only
Apple contains relatively more fiber than average fruits. Apple also contains some pectin which can make soften defecate and promote bowel movement. For those with serious bowel problems, the effect of bowel clearing effect will not be too obvious.

Eating black fungi blindly
Black fungus is also very good kind of food to clear bowel and promote detoxification. Dried black fungi will suck in water and bring more moisture to the bowels. But that doesn’t mean that you can get rid of constipation through a mere black fungi meal. You should also mind to do more exercises to accelerate metabolism and strengthen the effects.

Dependence on enzyme  
Enzyme is a kind of protein which has catalytic activity. But the enzyme has fatal weakness: it can't stand heat or acid.After we have taken the enzyme in, even if some can make it into the stomach, the acidic gastric juice will destroy the enzyme, thus stopping it from effecting its power to eliminate fat.
Drinking cold milk on an empty stomach
Drinking cold milk is of purging effect. On the one hand, it is because of the stimulation of cold will accelerate bowel movement, on the other, many lack the lactose in the body which milk needs to be absorbed. So after drinking milk on an empty stomach, lactose will go out of the body without being processed or absorbed.


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