Staying up cause aging problems

Eye aging: decreased vision, blurred vision, sour eyes, eye dryness, deformed vision or color change in vision, etc.

When you have to stay up late, here are some tips for you to minimize the injuries to the eyes. After each one hour of eye use, keep your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes or massage gently the area around the eyes. Supplementing the right amount of vitamin A can adjust the synthesis of retina photosensitive material, improve the adaptability to dim light and prevent visual fatigue. Foods rich in vitamin A are mostly green vegetables, yellow-colored vegetables, carrots, liver, eel and so on. Right amount of vitamin B food or vitamins have certain effect to preventing visual impairment. Foods rich in vitamin B are: lean lean, animal liver, whole grains, beans and so on. Foods which contain lutein can delay vision recess. These foods include: dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, pumpkins, oranges, etc.

Staying up can cause skin aging
If you stay up late often, you should worry about the skin aging problem as it is easy to cause  skin dryness, lack of luster, dark and dull skin tone, wrinkles, loose skin, acne, eye dropsy and eye pouch, etc.
When you have to stay up late, here are some tips for you to reduce the damage to your skin:
If you are with makeup, make sure to remove it off after you get home. For those who stay up, the moisture in the skin will lose dramatically , so it is very necessary to supplement Vitamin C and collagen. Eat less spicy and strong-flavored food. Have proper care for the skin and eyes. Some masks are preferable but mind not to do it for too long.

Staying upo late can cause immunity aging
If you stay up till late often , then you should consider the immunity aging issue. It is easy to cause immune suppression, autonomic nerve disorder, tendency to fatigue, weariness, colds, allergies and gastrointestinal infections, etc.
Here are some tips for you to reduce the potential harm to your immunity system:
Avoid pressure hoarding, make friends to whom you can confide your inner feelings. Remind yourself to stay positive an smiling all the time. Take high quality protein, vegetables, fruits, grain, garlic, etc and eat less sweet food.  Control the bather water temperature at around 40 ℃ to enhance the parasympathetic nerves and strengthen the immunity. Keep on moving and exercising quantitatively. Avoid excessive vigorous exercise in case of injuries to the body.


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