A good method of daily diet habit eight habits to create the perfect curve of S

Slimming habit: drinking water
Before and after each meal to drink a cup of water, so not only can promote gastrointestinal motility, but also enhance satiety, let you not be too easy to feel hungry when you eat.
Slimming habit: smart eating
In fact, rather than let you starve yourself to lose weight, not wise to eat, and if you eat less, you The new supersedes the old. will slow down, then help burn fat energy is also reduced, as many fruits and vegetables to help lose weight.

Slimming habit: Shaochiduocan
Try to eat 4 to 6 meals a day. But each time eats little. The "diet eat much food less", can help keep your blood sugar stable, but also make your appetite will not be too strong. Avoid eating too many because of hunger.
Slimming habit: Diary
Write down what you eat every day food, how much to eat, and the fitness of some things. Don't forget to drink your drink down too. So that you can find your eating habits bad habits from your diary, in order to correct the future.
Slimming habit: soup
In your lunch or dinner, try some light so the soup or tomato soup. Research shows that: drink a bowl of soup before each meal, but also help reduce weight. Because the soup will make you produce satiety without fat, and rich nutrients.
Slimming habit: Vegetable & Fruit
When you are not hungry when prepared fresh fruits and vegetables, wash them clean, peeling, slicing. In the apple spray lemon juice can prevent apple time too long and discoloration.
Slimming habit: to eat slowly
Each meal, do not eat like wolves and tigers eat too fast, do it slowly and enjoy your plate of each dish, with very slow speed of eating, the best is to chew each bite 30 times. Research shows that, slowly helps to lose weight.
Slimming habit: weight
Don't spend all day to weigh your active lifestyle, focus on what you take to bring a better change your. In the scale of attention, you'll be too anxious.


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