The utilities of vinegar

When cooking greasy food, adding some vinegar helps relieve the oily feel in the mouth and add fullness to the flavor as in the process of fermentation, there has been produced a large amount of freshness and flavor substances.
Relieving sheepy ordor is yet another utility of vinegar. The main Fruta Planta components of vinegar is acetic acid which can reduce the sheepy odor. Adding a little vinegar when cooking fish can also reduce the fish smell.

Sterilization and antiseptic effect

When mixing cucumber and shredded carrots for cold dish, it is beneficial to add in some vinegar as vinegar can inhibit the growth of bacteria and promote food safety. In addition, in the production of pickled garlic, cucumber and other pickles, a right amount of vinegar helps prevent deterioration. Vinegar can reduce the nitrite production and protect vitamin C from being damaged.

Adding to the salty flavor 

In the process of cooking, sour dressings can enhance the salty flavor and reduce the actual salt intake.Lose Weight Fruta Planta This is because cells which feel sourness are on both sides of the tongue and are adjacent to that sense saltness. This means that eating acidic food can enhance the sensitivity of the taste bud to saltness.

Easing spicy taste

The acetic acid in vinegar can neutralize spicy flavor and relieve the irritation of the spicy taste. So when cooking spicy dishes, one might as well add in some more vinegar to reduce the spicy taste.
Promote calcium eduction
Acetic acid can soften bone and let out the calcium. Therefore, when making fish soup and stew pork ribs,Fruta Planta Slimming Capsules Wholesale adding some vinegar makes calcium dissolve into the soup and strengthen the body absorbing calcium.


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