10 Fun Alternatives to a New Year’s Eve Kiss

Already dreading the countdown to midnight, when everyone starts pairing off to lock lips with their sweetie while you stare awkwardly into space? Please don't! I mean, I get it, but a pout doesn't really go with that sequined backless dress, my friend.

No hiding in the bathroom or bursting into tears; instead, embrace the moment with one of these 10 alternatives, ranging from the simple and expected to the possibly impossible (but fun to at least imagine).Fruta Planta hope make you more wonderful.And whatever you're doing at midnight, have fun!
1. Gather all your single friends for a group hug.
2. Text your mom something to make her smile, like “Love you even more in 2014!”
3. Eh, just turn off your TV and go to sleep. You’ll be laughing at all those suckers with a hangover tomorrow.
4. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and take a quiet moment to start the year with a wish, a prayer, a resolution, or just a moment to envision Adam Levine in his underwear. Whatever makes you feel inspired for great things to come!
5. Spot another singleton in the room, the one who's not handling the moment so well, and surprise that person with a bear hug.
6. At about 11:45, buy a glass of the the most expensive champagne or top-shelf Scotch you can afford. At midnight, toast yourself, sip, and savor.
7. Snap a selfie with all the smooching couples in the background. I'll leave it up to you whether you give it an enthusiastic, thumbs-up pose or if you've wanna go the route of the girl with all the engaged friends at Christmas.
8. Be that girl who rings the noisemaker and throws confetti everywhere. Less recommended if you're the one who has to clean up the confetti later, because that stuff never truly goes away.
9. Grab a jacket and head outside to run around with a sparkler. (Be careful!)
10. Debut a choreographed interpretive dance to "Auld Lang Syne" with your BFFs. Here's your ultimate inspiration:

Please have someone video tape it if you do this one. Happy New Year!Fruta Planta Slimming Pills Wholesale is waiting for you

Do you dread the end of the countdown if you don't have anyone to kiss? Or do you think it's more fun on your own? And am I the only one with a secret dream of busting out a bestie dance a la Romy and Michelle?


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