3 Model Beauty Myths I Busted Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

When you see stunning model after stunning model at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, it's easy to forget that these women aren't just built in a smoky-eye-and-wavy-hair factory. A lot of work goes into their sexy signature looks—but what kind of work, exactly? I went backstage before the show to investigate some little tidbits that might surprise you (like, for example, carbs).
Kasia Struss does her thing on the runway.
Myth no. 1: Models must have strict skin care regimens.
When I asked Kasia Struss if she had any rituals to help keep her skin smooth and healthy, she replied, "No, not really, but I’m trying to go to the sauna as much as I can." That said, she did mention that "we all go out to get oxygen facials two days before the show, so that helped." Barbara Fialho played hooky on the model class field trip. "I don’t usually have facials. I like to [prep my skin] in the most organic way, so I exfoliate, I go to the steam room, I clean my skin, I moisturize. I do it at home."
Barbara Fialho in her first-ever pair of wings!
Myth no. 2: Models all have amazing wavy hair.
Per Kasia, "My hair is so straight that I just add some spray to give it more texture, but I don’t make it wavy because I can’t. It just goes all flat." She then confirmed that she relies on extensions and Victoria's Secret So Sexy products to give her hair that trademark fullness on the runway.
Kasia (with her extension-enhanced hair) mid-touch-up
Myth no. 3: Models go on major diets before the show.
Ready for this? Kasia actually ate more in the last few weeks so she could fill out her British officer-inspired look. Her food of choice: "A lot of pasta." (Yeah, we're jealous too.) As far as working out goes, it seems fun workouts were on the menu. Sui He told me she downloaded the Nike Training Club app, while Kasia's a fan of "going to dance parties...I think that’s the best workout."
Sui He in all her Angel glory
Were you surprised by any of these factoids?


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